How to Play (the Basics)

When you add worker into a construction, You will start collecting materials depending on the number of workers you set.
But while workers are gathering materials, the pool will be losing your collected materials.
However, pool will be repaired automatically by the time even without any worker.
Pool will repair itself by the time.
You can speed up pool repair if you add more workers into construction repair.
Pool repair is only nessecary if you are collecting too many material from that construction in short time.
When construction pool goes empty, you will gather lower amount of materials (only new generated in pool).

How to move worker from construction into other

How attack works ?

Attackers can only steal resources (gold, wood, rock, or steel).
but not money or workers nor soliders,
If you want to stop attacks on your town, there is a secret tip,
When you are attacked, you get a notification. If you don't close it, you will not be attacked again.

How defense works ?

You can set your soliders as defenders to reduce or prevent your loss when you are attacked by other players.
if you add 1 defender, you will reduce your damage by %50,
if you add 2 defenders, you will reduce your damage by %75,
if you add 3 defenders (maximum), you will prevent any steal from your town.

What is exploration ?

Exploration will give you extra rewards (materials, soliders, or gems).
You will have to send idle worker (one or two usually) for some hours,
And he will bring you rewards back. Explorations are changing every day.
Check it regularly because sometimes there are pretty rewards.

What is Barn ?

Barn is additional way to purchase animals using your Gold.
Each animal has a limited life, hourly income, and price.
You have to check your farm regurally and claim rewards.
When your animal die, it will be lost with it's unclaimed rewards.

How referrals system works ?

Referrals will give you %50 from all orders they deliver on the market, that means referrals will only give you money (%50).
You can convert money into materials (gold, wood,..etc) from offers page,
Or you can convert money into crypto currencies from the withdrawal page.